About Us

ITHIKHARA has been providing quality site support services to the mining industry for over 5 years and has built a reputation for supplying quality personnel and equipment. Predominantly, ITHIKHARA specializes in mine site labor, supply of mechanical, millwright, electrical-instrumentation and fabrication supply, services and people. However, we can source people with specific skill required on demand. With our fleet of mining vehicles, we can tackle any job on site and backed by our fully equipped workshop, so that there is nothing we can't build to your specifications and requirements.

We endeavors to promote excellent relationships not only with our clients, but also with our employees, ensuring everyone has positive outcome within our business. We can supply the right person with right skills at right time for permanent rostered positions or field service.

To compliment any maintenance and improvement processes on your site we also offer a complete auditing review process. We will ensure that your equipment data remains true and effective. This is a critical platform for all process and material efficiency enhancement. The resulting reports will provide an accurate backbone for all your plant maintenance to track performance, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Our Vision

As one of the Indonesia's leading mining service corporation, ITHIKHARA offers a full line of equipment supply, engineering and services for mining processing plants, as well as individual machines, equipment packages, spare parts, and a full range of associated plant services. PT Ithikhara Mining Services is focused on creating strong relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, within the entire organization, in order to establish professional, trustworthy and efficient-strategic partnerships.

Our Mission

We are, ITHIKHARA team, committed to global excellence as a customer-focused equipment supplier and service company, providing competitive and environmentally friendly technologies to mining and other related industries.

ITHIKHARA's long term vision is to be a customer-focused equipment supplier and service company, providing environmentally friendly technologies to the mining industry.